Corporate Headquarters


Our Corporate Office, warehouse and production facility for Bespoke Ventures & Investments, LLC DBA Bespoke Campgrounds is located at 7707 National Turnpike Suite 200 Louisville, KY 40214. 

Camp Bespoke

Camp Bespoke Coloro Logo in JPG format

Our inaugural brand is Camp Bespoke with the first Camp Bespoke branded property opening for special events and a soft opening effective January 1, 2021 with the full property being open to the public March 1, 2021 at 500 Mercedes Drive in Williamstown, Kentucky 41097.  Reservations can be made securely online at this time.

Over the next couple of years Bespoke Campgrounds will continue to add new an unique properties as our family of brands grows to include Bespoke Outpost, Bespoke Corral and Bespoke Village. We look forward to updating this section as soon as we break ground at each new location.

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